Policies and HowTo's

Terms & Conditions:

By using our website eurocalza.co.uk, you fully accept our terms and conditions. If you can not accept any part of this document, please do not use our website.


We constantly trying to improve our order system to make your purchasing experience as friendly as possible.
There are three purchasing channels on our service:
- regular retail, for those who want to buy small amount of first grade goods, taking advantage of our ordinary and occasional incentives and promotions
- factory outlet, for customers seeking for lower price
- wholesale, this functionality is tailored for businesses looking for profitable collaboration with EuroCalza


Currently we accept two forms of payment only, regular bank transfer as well as "PayPal Checkout". Each of them require different processing and set of information as follow:

Bank Transfer - if you choose bank transfer, we will ask you to provide us with your personal informatiotions like name and second name, email and accurate delivery address. You can avoid repetition of this process in the future by account creation. You will be provided with proforma invoice with transaction details included, if required we will send it to you by email. You should make a transfer in three days since transaction date, after this period your order will be canceld.

"PayPal Checkout" - with "PayPal Checkout" everything is much more easy. Either you purchase one item only directly from shop or build your shop basket there is no need to sign in or filling any information form. All you need is PayPal account, everything else will be done by us in cooperation with PayPal. But please, keep your delivery address very accurate on PayPal account, it will be used for shipping. You can read Privacy Policy for PayPal Services for more informatiotion.


Our deliveries are fulfilled with one of below services:

Royal Mail -

MyHermes -

Returns and Refunds:

So you want to return purchased items, we are so sorry! However you have up to 30 days from the day after the item is received to change your decision without any reason. But you need to remember, all goods to return have to be unworn, not damaged and originally packaged. We can not refund goods which are worn or unpackaged, please understand. Full cost of your order (including shipping) will be returned to your PayPal or bank account depending on payment method you have choosen during checkout, however you need to cover the return shipping. We will refund the money within 5 days after return is received. Any deliveries "paid on delivery" will not be accepted.

Not like you ordered or damaged in shipping - in such case, please attach proof of postage, which will also be refunded to the amount of "Royal Mail 2nd Class" service.

Before you send items to be returned click Return Form, fill up the form and press "RETURN" button. Then you have up to 14 days to send the return.

Privacy Policy:

This privacy policy describing how we use and protect your personal information given to us during purchasing process.

In order to let you buy any goods on eurocalza.co.uk website, we need to know at least your name, email and delivery address. We do not collect any information about your credit cards, all financial transaction are provided by PayPal or bank. In case you are curious, please check Privacy Policy for PayPal Services or go to your bank website and see what happen when you make a bank transfer.
When you pay for your order using PayPal account we obtain your personal data directly from PayPal so we do not need any other information, please remember to keep your PayPal record up to date.
If bank transfer is used you are asked to provide us with your personal data as stated above. You can change and edit this data anytime after signing in to your account. If you do not want to create account, everytime you buy anything we will ask you to fill up the data form.

Cookies - cookie is a piece of information in the form of a very small text file that is placed on your computer when you visit our website. Yes, we use it in case you sign in to store your session id and it is deleted when your session is over (turn off web browser or sign out). We do not store any personal information, so you can feel secure. You can delete cookie any time you want, but do not do this during shopping because it will delete info we need to finalise your order. You can also turn off cookies acceptance in your browser, but then our shop will be useless. If you need more info visit www.aboutcookies.org.
List of cookies we store on your side:
- PHPSESSID - stores session id, used to identify you and keep your session alive.
- EuroCalza_WS - keeping your temporary id during the session in wholesale service.

Session Storage - every modern browser give us this convenient tool to store information. And we use SessionStorage even to store your personal data. But do not worry it is deleted everytime you close browser or even only a tab.
We use SessionStorage to keep important data like your id, items you want buy, current basket balance and other in your browser. This prevent redundant internet transfer and let you buy goods even if you do not have account on eurocalza.co.uk. For example, when you build your basket we store full list of items in SessionStorage if ready just click "Buy Now" button to use your PayPal account to pay.
You can read more about Session Storage on Wikipedia.

SSL - we use "Secure Sockets Layer" to protect your data during transmission through the internet. All data are transmitted encrypted so nobody can read it even when it can be seen. We strongly encurage you to check our certificate validity by clicking green padlock on the left side of your browser address bar.

Third party vendors - we do not allow any external entity to provide content on our website or collect any information. We use links and buttons leading to external websites only to let you get more information about particular topic.
We also use links and buttons providing possibilities of purchasing our products on external e-commerce like "eBay" and "Amazon" only.
EuroCalza do not sell or share freely even the smallest piece of your data with any external entity.

Our database - we keep a record of any transaction you make on eurocalza.co.uk. We also store every email or other form of correspondence betwen us.
If you have a user account on eurocalza.co.uk you can review, download and print every invoice issued to you as well as up to date proforma invoice using "Transaction Management" feature.